24 Nov Ladies and Gentlemen: Meet Your Photographer

A busy woman with wide eyes, big dreams, and speedy-fast fingers that turn promises into reality.
Get ready for a whirl with the girl who captures your true beauty!


Alan Rohrer: A brilliant, bold man who has snatched up my heart since our junior year in high school. We’re now engaged, almost 5 years later, and he is my #1 priority, propeller, and prize!


  • I’m almost always cold from November to April in Indiana and I have pretty bad circulation in my fingers. Makes life harder than you may expect as a college students daily walking all over creation in the winter. I always sleep with a sweater, socks, and at least two blankets. If there was ever a reason to move away from Indiana, the crazy weather would be it!
  • The more I’ve learned about internet marketing and communications (my second love!) and portrait photography (my first!), the more I realize I have to learn more. It’s a never ending cycle, which in the best moments I ADORE and in the worst, I ABHOR. That’s when I stop to watch the latest Modern Family on Hulu :)


  • You could call me an open minded journalist. I’m in love with telling stories and do it everywhere. I specialize in digital+interactive media, photojournalism, and graphic+web design. Thanks to the IU Journalism School, I’m about ready to graduate with a sweet set of skills any company would be happy to pick up.
  • I’m Finnish. Not full-blood, but 50%, which is pretty good for an American. Blonde hair, blue eyes – I’m a standard Nordic chick for you, but with a twist. My family still keeps all the annual traditions :) We eat the sweet breads, the rye breads, the Christmas cookies, and the fermented lemonade. We sit in saunas, jump in pools, and watch EuroVision’s Song Contest at the dinner table for good reason. Check out the EuroVision Song Contest Youtube Channel and witness the most dramatic displays and voices you’ll see in Europe!


  • I’m a junkie for ethically sustainable, healthy food and exercise. I know too much about organic, GMOs, and third world country labor – calories, diseases, and body responses to not reflect that knowledge in my purchasing. If you saw me shopping in Kroger or Wal-Mart, I’m the one who turns the packaging over to see the ingredients, scan the fat and sugar amounts, and many times put it back disappointed. Yep – you’d see me most on the outside of the store – dairy, meats, fruits and veggies!
  • I have made a habit of analyzing marketing campaigns, commercials, movie production, website, and graphics. It’s from these analyses that I pull ideas, get inspired, and am ignited to keep learning!


  • Have you ever heard of Fat Atom or ExactTarget? I honestly hadn’t before two weeks ago, when I finally landed on a career choice: Internet Marketing and Communications – You got it, folks. This girl has finally decided which way she wants to spin all those skills she learned in college. My hope is to work for a marketing agency that works with caused-based companies and projects!
  • I hope the wedding is awesome. I never knew continued planning for a huge event wasn’t my thing until I was in the middle of it. Even with theKnot planning guides and checklists, details upon details upon details feel like a lot! Thankfully, I’ve got the man of my dreams by my side to take out the wedding bee’s sting and remind me we’ll get married no matter what happens. Here’s to hoping the rest of this ride is as smooth as possible. 


  • Memories and scrapbooks from past years have been essential to see how I’ve changed. My dad created scrapbooks for each of my siblings and without them, I wouldn’t know where I came from. With an eye blessed by the Lord and the relentless pursuit to capture His natural beauty in people, I love capturing these moments for others. From nature in Indonesia to animals in South Africa, no photos have given me more joy than those with people – those who are made in the image of the Creator!
  • My whole heart is wholly given to Jesus Christ, the one who sings over me throughout the day, my sweet rest during stress, and who my life is entirely lived for. I’m so human when in His midst, but in honor of Him and inspired by Him – I have started to love unconditionally, support passionately, and live thoughtfully :) 
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